Monday, 10 April, 1865

Found it raining when we awoke this morning. – – Bill and Zac went out floating after breakfast and caught some twenty odd shad. How much Zac enjoys home and a short respite from the Army. Poor child came home with a broken down horse and he in tatters and rags, except his jacket and pants. I cut his hair and gave him soap and water and a change of cloths, and I am sure he must feel like a new person. I repaired his jacket and pants, which needed some repairs, and gave him a suit of Bills to put on. Sent Tom to Ju’s for some garden seed and sent him a plate of butter. He wrote a note back by him. Cheering news if true. Rumor says Lee’s giving Grant a tremendous whipping at Amelia C.H. The cannons have been roaring ever since yesterday evening.1The roaring cannons Caroline heard were likely fired in celebration. Generals Grant and Lee had signed the terms of surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia at 4 o’clock the previous day at Appomattox. – – Sowed a row of peas.