Sunday, 10 December, 1865

We were all up and had breakfast rather earlier than usual in order to go to church sooner. Randolph drove and we were there in good time. Hardie rode Fannie, carried Ju a duck. All of us returned to dinner. Bill and Zac remained at home. I was sorry the latter should have done so, but he thought he had a good excuse. – – Cousin Lem continued from where he left off last Sunday, Christ’s Sermon on the Mount. – – Will speak on the Kingdom on the 24th Dec. Invites all to come and hear. – – Walker came to see me this morning to rent a house for himself and family. I did not decide with him positively. Tom came in this morning and brought me a letter a piece from Mary, Bake and Liv, the latter giving me an account of Pigeo’s trip to Mr. Goss’s school. I am pleased to hear from them all. They are well and happy and doing well. Tom got down last night.