Friday, 15 December, 1865

Bill attended a sale today (“Hogans”).1The 1866 King William Tax Rolls show Walker Hogan (1800-1880) of Egypt in Hanover County owning two tracts of land on the Pamunkey north of Chericoke, home of the Braxtons. The large track was known as Hillsboro; the home, however, is no longer standing. As Eygpt is still located on Cold Harbor Road near the site of the Gaines Mill battlefield, it is possible Hogan moved for a time across the river to his property in King William where his name appears on the 1865 Gilmer map. With the deaths of two of his sons during the war years, and now in his 60s, Hogan may have been liquidating assets. Gave him $25 to settle taxes and to take on my account at Mr. Slaughter. – – He went up from the C. H. in Co. with Ju, who’s been very complaining all the winter and looks very badly. – – Hardie and Zac went out shooting partridges, the latter went to Ju’s. Hardie returned before he did. Only killed 2 or 3 partridges. – – I made some potato pies while they were gone. They all enjoyed them very much. Bill made no purchases at the sale, wanted mules and a tumbrel. Finished Zac’s pants. Exceedingly cold today, commenced freezing hard in the night last night. – – Corbin is waiting here to get a cart to bring his family down. Fendall is very anxious that Bill should accompany Alice and himself to Richmond and wait on them on the 20th, but I am not much in favor of it.