Friday, 15th June, 1866

Quite cool today. I did not go down to breakfast. Starched some things, shirts, &c, a couple of coats for Zac. – – Mrs. Lipscomb came today. Gave her some necessaries, she is very needy. – – Zac returned about eleven o’clk., spent the evening in company with some girls at Capt. Bagby’s at Locust Grove.1 Patsy ironed this evening, worked in the sweet potato patch, got dinner, &c. She is an obliging good servant, generally speaking. Forgets herself sometimes.

  1. Capt. Bagby is likely Alexander Fleet Bagby, (1840-1915). In 1862 he married Fanny Singleton Walker, daughter of Temple Walker, (1790-1868). Locust Grove in King and Queen County is the ancestral seat of the Walkers. In 1866 it was occupied by William Henry Walker, Fanny’s half brother. Mrs. Fanny Bagby would make national news in 1896 as the first woman elected to a political office in Virginia when she was selected as a school trustee in West Point. The Commonwealth quickly ruled her Constitutionally ineligible for public office.  (back)