Saturday, 16th June, 1866

A delightfully pleasant day. Zac rode to Mr. Trimyer’s for the two scythe cradles Bill carried there yesterday. Herman came from the field to grind and fix up one of them to cut with. Commenced cutting wheat today. Sent meals to the field for 8 hands, I believe, besides our own, including George Lipscomb. Sent meals for Bill and Zac likewise. We are giving at the rates of $2.50 per day for cutters and hands. Bill sent Addison to the C. H. today for a ½ gallon spirits. He brought me a letter from Hardie requesting me to enclose all his letters to Liv to be sent to his address, of which he will keep him advised. He wrote from Richmond, but expected to leave for Danville. Fixed up four letters besides writing to Liv and himself to send to him tomorrow from Church if I can hear of any one going to Richmond. – – Nan assisted me about some calico aprons this evening.