Tuesday, 26th June, 1866

Very warm, but a pleasant breeze all day. Started ½ past eight to spend the day with Rose. Zac drove Shakespeare to the buggy. Discovered he was lame after we started, so we left earlier than we should have done on that account. Came by Martha Ann’s for Buck, who went there on Sunday, but had to leave him after all. They do practice so much deceit that if I were not compelled to have him, not any of that family should come on the land. Zac brought me several letters this evening, a very nice interesting one from Pigeo. I am pleased that she is willing to remain up the country during vacation, at the expiration of which time I wish her to return to Piedmont and make up the time she lost the first part of the session on account of sickness. I think from her letters I shall be much pleased with the progress she has made this year. She will be in Richmond on the 28th to remain a short time and return. – – Nan received a long letter from Bake, also one from George. – – Mrs. Tebbs and George came to see me in my absence. Sold him 2 bushels potatoes @ $1.25 pr. bush.