Wednesday, 4th July, 1866

A lovely day for the celebration at every point.1Caroline seems to write “every point” when she describes the event in the last two entries as W. Point and “Point Lookout.” See the original here. Nan will not attend. She is too young to go that distance. Zac attends the singing today at Acquinton. Took Hardie up to the stage this morning for Richmond. Informed Pigeo by him that I would send to meet her at the stage on Friday. – – Nan sent $5 to Pigeo to have her hat shaped and get some things, after paying Mary for the gipsy. – – I was too busy to write to anyone by him. Nan wrote to Pigeo. – – Zac attended the singing and returned to supper. It being the 4th of July there were a great many persons. – – Horace came down this evening. Says Stuart’s quite sick, having chills. – – Washington was the only one who attended the Tournament, except Jim’s wife.2For those interested in more information about these tournaments, I suggest The Ring Tournament in the United States, by Esther J. and Ruth W. Crooks, published 1936 in Richmond by Garrett and Massie. A good overview, for 1936, is found in Chapter 1, while Chapter 3 describes tournaments in Virginia. If it is not in your local library, it is certainly available by inter-library loan. There is also a chapter on ring tournaments by Paul Christopher Anderson in Weirding The War: Stories from the Civil War’s Ragged Edges published in 2011 by The University of Georgia Press and edited by Stephen Berry.