Friday, 27th July, 1866

I arose as usual this morning and about 5 the wagon returned with the children, Mr. Cooke and Miss Henley. He left about ten, after eating some watermelons, and Zac with him, who remained till dinner. The rest retired to their room for sleep, as they had been up all night. – – Mr. Henley sent for Jennie about 1, and after taking a snack, left before dinner. – – Bill’s making preparation to get out corn for sale. – – Liv unexpectedly came about sunset. I had given out looking for him, as he didn’t come to the Exhibition. Brought me a letter from Mary. Her health is not as good as it was, and Rose is having Chills. – – He brought a letter for Patsy also from Bake. Our vicious animal has become more quiet and docile.