Wednesday, 8th August, 1866

Quite a day. Liv and Zac are at the machine and got on very well. They, Humphrey and five hands are here, in addition to Susannah and John. Martha cooked dinner today for Patsy to be at the machine. Dr. Ju came to see Bill this evening. Thinks him well enough to discontinue his visits. He brought the flour home I loaned him. Teased Pigeo and Nan a good deal and prescribed a blue pill for Pigeo. – – Jack Cooke came to see Bill soon after breakfast and staid till late in the evening, and was kind enough to offer his services as a good nurse if I should need him. Promised me as many apples as I wanted if I would send for them. He will be a very kind neighbor, I think. Nan ironed some things this evening that I starched this morning. Bob finished sowing the plaster today.