Tuesday, 14th August, 1866

A little showery today. Patsy washed. Tom got dinner. Nan and Pigeo peeled a few apples this morning. The former and I went in the parlor before sunrise and attended to a little matter. – – Zac improved the looks of the carriage very much today by oiling and blacking. Pigeo had another chill I think, but was not aware of it when she took about 15 grains quinine, which almost crazed her. – – Nan’s stitching a band for a chemise. – – Harriet came for some bacon. Someone had stolen the shoulder we sold John the other day. Bought some chub she brought. – – Liv fixed his bridle. – – Hauled a few more oats today. – – I sent a message to Maj. Butts by Liv respecting John, who has become so helpless and blind. He promised to write to the Freedmen’s Bureau immediately and ascertain what could be done for him.1Lt. Chance, mentioned several times last April and May, was replaced in early summer at the KW Freedmen’s Bureau by New Yorker Major Frank A. Butts, 22. Butts had served in the 47th New York Infantry along side his father, the regiment’s Chaplain. Butts would prove a popular officer among King William’s white citizens. Among King William’s former slaves, not so much. Gave Pigeo calomel and jalap tonight, after broken doses tartar.