Thursday, 30th August, 1866

I arose quite early and had breakfast by candlelight in order for Liv to take some hot coffee before starting. Will ride Fannie and go with Jim to the mill. He will take the wheat in the oxcart. It weighed 756 lbs., including bags. They returned about 3 o’clk. Left the wheat to be ground by Saturday. The water is quite low in the pond. “Robins Mill” Liv returned by Mr. Cooke’s and brought some muskmelons and watermelons. – – Pigeo’s making an underbody. – – Nan has been complaining all day and looks very badly. – – I cut out two more shirts for Zac today and finished up one I cut out the other day. – – Col. spent the morning. – – Jim sick this evening. Bill came from Ju’s this evening. Improves in looks and appetite very much. He is anxious to go to Richmond.