Sunday, 9th September, 1866

I feel so thankful that we were able to go to Church today in the old buggy. Pigeo and I went, and Addison rode a mule. We returned home to dinner. I had given Patsy permission to go away and was in the dining room after preparing dinner and had just finished when Bill called to me and said a carriage with grey horses was coming. I concluded directly it was Bake and was not mistaken. We were overjoyed to see them. George is looking badly, has suffered much from sickness, but I am in hopes to see him improve rapidly for I mean to be very careful with him. He is so good and makes Bake so perfectly happy. I love him as dearly as one of my own children almost. I soon had something for them to eat, and gave the two servants dinner. Washington left today for Richmond on a visit, took his rations with him.