Friday, 21st September, 1866

A fine breeze all day, but excessively warm out of it. Had a nice little rain last night. I was up quite early this morning and cooked most of the breakfast on the stove. George came down to breakfast. Is quite feeble though. Pigeo got up this morning, but I scolded her for doing so. I know she is not well enough to be out of bed. Looks as fragile as a summer flower, and Nan is not much better. I am so thankful to the Lord that he gives me strength and health each day of my life so far to combat the ills of life. I rejoice in his mercy and thank him continually for his goodness and the many blessings he bestows upon us. I enjoy the present regardless of the future, for it is said sufficient for the day is the evil thereof, to take care of the present time is ours.1Luke 12:34, KJV. – – I starched a few little articles for Nan and myself this morning before coming out of dining room. She ironed them before dinner. – – Pigeo assisted me in making some lemon pudding and apple pies, though she was very feeble. Baked them in the stove and they were very nice. Bill brought some fall radishes from the turnip patch and I was astonished to see them. They were as large as middle sized rutabaga. Patsy came out and cooked dinner today. – – Martha brought water up and I scalded Bill’s room, his former room I mean.