Wednesday, 3rd October, 1866

Quite a beautiful morning. George is washing and fixing up a gun to try and kill a bird. A little walk and exercise will be of benefit to him. He improves in looks very fast since his last relapse. – – I had the buggy gotten and Nan and I rode to the Acquinton shopping. Took Addison behind. Had the kitchen and hoe riveted while there. Rode by Hill’s to enquire about Mary, as she is very sick and Ju attending her. Found her at her father’s and just taken much worse. Remained there several hours. Took dinner and returned home. Called to see Mag a few minutes. Found Ju at Larkin’s when I passed. Promised Mag to come up with Bake and George tomorrow. They expect to spend several days there. – – I was pleased to hear at Hill’s that Hardie was still in Balto. Had called on Miss Ilananna McLaughlin.1Even after considerable effort, “Miss Ilananna” (Lianna?) has not been identified. She may be a daughter of schoolmaster Col. Hugh C. McLaughlin who visits regularly. I shall soon expect him home now. Bake and George are anxious to see him before they leave. If George’s health will permit, he will go to Balto. next week and I reckon Hardie will return with him, if he doesn’t come before that time. Bill went to see about the seed wheat he purchased of Dr. Braxton and returned home after we did. Will send for the wheat on Saturday. – – I paid Mr. Houchings $20, twenty dollars, on his account amounting to twenty dollars.