Friday, 5th October, 1866

Another beautiful day. I went up in Bake’s room early this morning and changed some bed coverings and brought her clothes down for Patsy to wash. I notched facing for my black dress Hardie gave me. I do a little every now and then, I have so little time to sew. Pigeo had a chill today. She tried to make a watch pocket. – – We had a snack in the chamber and didn’t stop Patsy to get dinner. Lewis came to work today, and Clarissa worked in the fodder also. Sent Washington up with the buggy for Bake and George. They arrived about sunset. Brought me letters from Zac and Emily. I’ve not received one from her before for a long time. She has recently moved to Baltimore. I can’t see why Zac’s letter should have been so long on the way, it was written on the 15th Sept. – – I must answer them both just as soon as I can. Bill had a square ploughed in the garden for transplanting strawberry plants.