Sunday, 7th October, 1866

A beautiful day. Nan and I attended Church in the buggy. The rest remained home. We returned to dinner. Called by Ju’s. Found Pigeo with a chill. – – Bake and George had taken a long walk. Came in just as dinner was ready. Clarissa cooked today. – – George rode to the C. H. to enquire for letters. We all took a walk while he was gone, except Pigeo, who was in bed. We walked to the turnip patch. Bill pulled up a radish. They are the largest I most ever saw. One is enough in a day for a person to dine on. I returned to the house and Bake and Nan continued their walk to the grape and chinquapin bushes and got some nice ones. Bill told them where to find them. – – Bill carried three pieces bacon in the wagon Saturday as he passed the Acquinton Church to Mr. Houchings weighing thirty-one pounds, which he will credit on his book.