Thursday, 18th October, 1866

Beautiful weather. Sent Martha up after breakfast for Pigeo and Nannie. She met them halfway on their way down. Martha kept on and delivered Bake’s note to Ju. – – They attended the meeting two nights. Made the acquaintance of Mr. and Mrs. Holland, and are very much pleased with them, particularly the latter.1This is likely John Lyttleton Tazewell Holland and his wife Emma Alice [Walton] Holland of Fluvanna County. Mr. Holland is a young circuit minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He is likely the Mr. Holland who returns to King William Court House next May to preach. – – Willie Boykin came down this morning to escort the children to the Acquinton Church to the winding up of the singing school. Put up a snack for them. Pigeo rode Willie’s horse and he, Shakespeare; Nannie, George – was back home in half an hour. George became so unmanageable she had to give him to Willie and take Shakespeare. – – He and Pigeo returned about dusk. Had their horses fed and rode up to the night meeting. Bill went also. Bake and George would have gone, but for having determined to leave for Savannah, via Tappahannock in the morning, if it is possible to get a conveyance for themselves and baggage. They sent Martha to Hill’s to try and hire his spring wagon. Failed to get it. Bill tried to hire Mr. Powell’s tonight, did not succeed. We shall have to arrange some way by stopping all farming operations. I never have been so worried hardly in my life. We are so straightened I scarcely know what we are able to do. I have more to do every day than my constitution will admit of, but there is no respite, and I am now sitting up, one o’clk. at night in order to wake them up at three to get ready to start at day i.e., if a way can be provided. – – Bill, Willie and Pigeo returned about eleven.