Saturday, 27th October, 1866

A very pretty day. Sent Bill’s breakfast to the field. He finished sowing the Mediterranean wheat today – 20 bushels. The fifty bushels was subject to some loss.1The Mediterranean wheat Bill finished sowing is a soft red wheat first imported into the United States in 1819. It quickly became popular in areas with relatively mild climates. – – Sent Mr. Patrick Slaughter a hind quarter beef weighing forty-nine pounds, also six pieces bacon weighing fifty-seven pounds, making in all that we have furnished him 163 pounds, dates 13th and 17th sent, and 27th Oct. Paid Pigeo $3.80 today for some little things of hers, 30 cents on acct. of Patsy included. – – She cut out a gown for herself today. I’ve been fixing my cloth shoes. – – Addison cut down and brought the corn stalks out of the garden. Martha cooked dinner, her Mother has gone to pay a visit of two days to Miss Mildred Garlick’s. – – Bill went out to look for geese. Cut out 3 quarters beef this evening, then dug some potato’s, they are fine.