Tuesday, 30th October, 1866

The weather continues to be fine, though the ground is very wet. I think it is time to be digging potatoes, if were not quite so wet. The cause of our potatoes not keeping last year was owing to their being dug so early, I think is the reason. I’ve delayed one month later. We dug on the 9th of Oct. last year and if nothing prevents, we will dig about that time in Nov. this year. – – Nan thinks she had a chill this morning. Pigeo and Nan are about their gown tucking and making them very prettily. The former rode Fannie to the C. H. for the mail this evening, no letters. Patsy’s spinning today the yarn for my flannel. – – Had a new dish for dinner today, sweet potatoes fried. I have been working about and arranging the house ever since Bake left. Making little alteration in rooms. Repairing and preparing comforts for winter, grim stern winter, which seems to be approaching with rapid strides. – – Gave a pair of pants apiece to Jim and Washington by Zac’s request. Bill prepared the oxcart body today for hauling corn