Thursday, 8th November, 1866

The loveliest day we have had this fall. Bill and Pigeo started quite late to Richmond. Gave the latter $20 in addition to what she had, $5.30. Bill had the bacon gotten down and weighed (306) lbs., three hundred and six pounds. Washington will take it over in the morning if he succeeds in getting a tumbrel. – – Returned about sunset from Martha Ann’s with an excellent one and drove it to the dining room door ready to put the things in. Nan and I went down and fixed the lard. Filled a 4 gallon jar and the barrel about 4/5th full. Got a two gallon carboy for vinegar, a 5 gallon tin out of the fish house for lamp oil, and tonight I want to write to Bill and retire early in order to start Washington by day. – – Sent Patsy to ask Mrs. Lipscomb to send George over to go to mill tomorrow. She will send if he comes home tonight. I walked to the barn and had the door locked.