Sunday, 25th November, 1866

Quite a lovely day. Mollie and I went in the buggy to Zion. Bill and Mr. Cooke accompanied me as far as that place on their way to Jerusalem. The children, Pigeo and Nan, were indifferent about going. It seems that they favor the other Churches more than their own, but I suppose also owing more to operation than any thing else, as most of their friends and acquaintances belong to the Churches. Mr. Harry Timberlake accompanied Bill back to dinner. We had eaten sometime when they returned, but soon had some fixed for them, and they ate heartily. Nearly sunset when they finished. Mr. Abell preached a very long sermon at Jerusalem and had several deliveries, which detained them so late. – – Bill and Pigeo in the buggy and Mr. Timberlake attended the night meeting. Had ten additions, baptizing at the W. O. Tuesday evening 3 o’clk. – – They returned at eleven. Kept supper hot in the stove for them.