Tuesday, 27th November, 1866

The weather still good. Bill with Washington to assist, cut out the pork. Finished too late to salt, as he wished to attend baptizing and preaching. I found it impossible for me to leave and concluded for him to take the children to the baptizing, and he was soon ready and had the buggy hitched, but they were not ready in time, so he gave it out and went on horseback to the C. H. I was very sorry they were disappointed, but it was their own fault. As to myself, disappointments would always be mine were I to make calculations about anything in these uncertain times. Thank the Lord! I have learned to take things as they come, not being too careful for anything, do all I can to avoid evils and the best I know how for the promotion of good and then what follows make the best of it. Tis all that I can do, trust in God at all times for health and strength to perform the part I have to act, feeling confident of one thing, that the day is not very distant when the Lord will come and require an acct. of our stewardship. It is then we shall feel disappointments, bitter remorse and sad regrets if we neglect the “great salvation.”