Wednesday, 28th November, 1866

The weather almost disagreeably warm. Bill salted the pork this morning. Washington assisted him. I packed the lard away and got ready as soon as I could to attend Colosse. Took Nan in the buggy and Martha behind. We found on getting to Canton that I should be too late, so I turned back from there and spent the rest of the day with Mrs. Tebbs, very pleasantly, and came up to the C. H. to the night meeting. Left my buggy and horse at Ju’s and all of us walked over together. We returned again in company with Mr. Abell, who has been staying at Ju’s several days. Started home about ten o’clk. Had an addition of ten members, small boys not more than twelve years old, but the Savior says suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not. – – I think Mr. Abell preached the Gospel, therefore, I love to hear him. None of the members of our Church have been out to hear him, excepting Hardie and myself. I give them no credit for it it all. We are taught to hear all and hold fast to that which is good. I am not afraid to hear. – – The Harris’ pulled corn again today.