Friday, 30th November, 1866

A considerable change in the weather since the rain last night. Sent Addison on a mule for quinine. Ju sent some. Nan and I, with Bill to accompany us, attended night meeting at Zion. Two more additions. Not one of our members there except Hardin and myself and Cornelia. Had quite a cold ride, left Pigeo complaining. Think she must have had a chill. Mollie remained with her. We returned about ten. Nan drove tonight. It was not quite as dark as the night I drove from the C. H. – – I have been anxiously desiring that Bill should become a Christian by obeying the Lord, but he deems himself unworthy of eternal life and puts it off for a more convenient opportunity. It may never be afforded him. – – Patsy washed today. Finished hauling in corn today.