Saturday, 1st December, 1866

The weather cool and seasonable. Mr. Slaughter returned the quarter beef we loaned him sometime ago, difference of nineteen pounds in weight. The quarter I sent him weighed 59 lbs., his weighed 40 lbs. Sent him a shoulder of bacon weighing nine pounds @ 23 cents pr. lb. Had souse boiled today and made two moulds pressed. Had radishes taken up and brought in the garden by Addison to put away, but neglected doing so, having so much else to attend to. – – Fixed pair of black pants for Bill. He went out from home to attend to some business, returned and took a cold dinner. _?_ing at Zion by Brother Abell last night. He, Nan and I attended, much gratified to be able _?_ fully all that I have heard fall from his lips.1“able _?_ fully..” Click here with your suggestions.