Sunday, 2nd December, 1866

Quite a pretty day after the morning, which threatened snow. Pigeo and I attended Zion in the buggy, Addison on a mule. I was very sorry to see such a spirit manifested by some of our brethren towards Mr. Abell. I should feel as if I fought against the Lord, were I to reject his gospel so ably and fully set forth by him. A man in the spirit of meekness and love doing all he can to restore union and love among Christians and to make them all one in Christ. I heard him greatly misrepresented today, and that by some of our own brethren, but if this is the Lord’s work, it cannot be overthrown. We returned to dinner and spent the evening at home. Bill attended the meeting at Jerusalem, dined with Mrs. Lewis and attended the night meeting at Colosse and home at eleven. He thinks of unitingĀ himself with the Church tomorrow night. I am happy to hear it. See no reason why he should not, after being instructed in the knowledge of the truth and the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.