Tuesday, 4th December, 1866

Very windy today, but mild and pleasant, with that exception. Tom put away cabbage, with Addison to assist him. Bill fixed a mound of the best cabbage first and the black radishes. He left me to attend to the rest, after preparing his clothes for him to take to Mill’s mill to be baptized by Brother Abell. My heart and spirit go along with him to the performance of the obedience of the “Faith.” No preaching tonight. He returned while we were at supper. He had taken supper at Ju’s. Found Atwood and Willie Walker spending the afternoon here. They staid till bedtime. – – Sent Addison there to bring the Irish potato’s Zac planted. They came up badly and consequently made very few. Bill dried them yesterday. Not more than 3 bushels. Tom and Washington finished hauling corn for Harris.