Thursday, 6th December, 1866

A lovely day, never saw such a spell of weather for work. Bill started Washington at the back of the garden with three mules to the plough to break up corn land for another year. Jim and Tom put away turnips, only two mounds. Had them put in the garden. Also had a mound each of sweet and Irish potato’s by Addison. – – Gave out some black wool to spin, but she was taken with a chill. – – Mr. Dunn and Bobbie came to receive the money for damages sustained by an ox killing his horse while his son, Bobbie, was driving them out of Enfield together. I thought it a very hard and unjust case, nevertheless paid him $70 for the accident. I had thought he would have been more conscientious than to have received that amount. If the animal had not been driven out by his son, the accident would not have occurred in all probability, as they were peaceable while in Mr. Cooke’s field.1“Mr. Dunn and Bobby” are certainly Lee A. Dunn and his son Robert. Lee Dunn served as KW Commissioner of Revenue from 1861 to 1876. That Mr. Dunn seems to have retained his position throughout the War and Reconstruction begs several questions. – – Gus Hill took Pigeo to the Acquinton Church to meeting about ten o’clk. Bill went to the night meeting at the same place. – – Sent letters to Liv and Zac by Pigeo to have mailed there. – – Nan has kept to her room all day and taken quinine to miss her chill. – – Bill, Pigeo and Gus returned at ten. They dined at Broad Neck. The former only attended night meeting.