Friday, 7th December, 1866

The weather still good. Gus Hill started for home after breakfast. – – Washington still ploughing 3 mules. Jim hauled rails from the turnip patch to enclose the fodder, in order to turn the cattle in the corn field. Patsy sick again today. Had a chill yesterday. – – Had a mound of sweet potato’s put away in the garden, 12 hampers full by Addison. I sewed some on my black rep dress. It has been laid away ever since Bake left. – – Went down early this morning and put vinegar to my souse. This has been the loveliest day. We sat with a window hoisted in the chamber and the fire all out nearly all day. Bill killed two partridges before breakfast. – – Was in the kitchen with me and repaired the hole burnt in the floor, and nailed up the dresser, and attended night meeting at Acquinton. – – Returned at ten. Preaching at Zion tomorrow by Mr. Abell.