Thursday, 13th December, 1866

Intensely cold. We are engaged all day in returning the corn to the house thrown out yesterday, and will take all day again tomorrow. Patsy’s assistance, and no wood at the pile. The time all employed throwing the corn back and forth and none shucked. – – Put down another carpet in the chamber this morning. Bill rode to the C. H. this morning. Mr. Abell came to spend the day very unexpectedly. – – Invited him in the chamber where there was a fire, it being so very cold. Enjoyed his society very much, reading the Bible and talking with us all on the subject. Bill came before dinner was ready. – – Gave Brother Abell the piece written by Dr. Edwards to read. He liked it very much and agreed pretty much with his views. – – Had a nice dinner for him in the locked dining room and was pleased to see him make a hearty dinner. Continued his subject on the Bible until time for him to start. Will preach at Acquinton tonight. Has an appointment at Bethesda for Sunday. Am sorry he is going to leave us, but he has spent nearly a month in the neighborhood, and I hope has done much good, and I think I may bid him God speed. His opinion should not divide us on the more indifferent portions of it. He wishes to harmonize and write all Christians on all important points and admonish them not to fall out about the balance, but reason together and entertain good feelings and a right spirit towards each other, making one body in Christ, who as the bridegroom desires a spotless bride and that one body must constitute such a one.