Tuesday, 18th December, 1866

The weather quite cool. Liv and Hardie took a snack with them and went hunting. Returned to late dinner, having 3 squirrels and some partridges and doves. – – Patsy washed today. 12 o’clk. before I was ready to take my seat to work, and then as I had several sore fingers, I knit the rest of the day and finished off my second pair of yarn stockings for myself. – – Nannie made a coarse sheet and Mollie did a little piece of sewing also. I want to teach her how to work now she has vacation till after Xmas. Sent Mr. Cooke and Mrs. Harrison a basket of fresh meat yesterday by Tom. Received a nice note from the latter, returning their thanks and saying she would visit one day this week, if Jack would take her over. – – Dandridge came in yesterday morning to have some talk about what he would do with his family another year, thinking he will go to housekeeping. How much it will grieve me to be parted from my dear faithful servants I’ve been accustomed to so long and become so much attached to. – – Addison cleaned up the store room pantry and pantry closet today, after removing and covering over the last sweet potato’s. Do not know whether they will keep or not. We have lost a great quantity of them. – – Nannie has been complaining for several days with a severe pain through her left side. I hardly know what to think of it. Would like to consult Ju about it.