Friday, 21st December, 1866

The weather still intensely cold. – – The boys are hunting today. Killed some birds and four ducks. We have nine in the house, besides birds and squirrels. – – Nan rode to the C. H. this morning. Purchased a calico dress for herself and asked Ju respecting the pain in her side. He advised her to rub it with ½ doz. drops croton oil. Gave her a vial of drops to take. – – Patsy twisted some coarse knitting cotton for Pigeo and Nan’s stockings. I am going to teach her. – – Made a jar of yellow pickles and seasoned green pickles and mince meat, and at dark was tired and laid down at twilight and took a nap for an hour. Arose then and Nan and I sat up late. Had some hot coffee after the boys retired. Knit nearly to the heel of a stocking for Nan. The boys hunt all day and sometimes take dinner at candlelight.