Wednesday, 26th December, 1866

Quite a fine morning, weather moderate. After necessary preparations and giving out dinner to Patsy, I repaired to my chamber. Had everything made, &c. Ju, Mag and Stuart walked though and were the first to get here. Some ten or a doz. were prevented coming, from different reasons. I expected Dr. Lewis’ family, Hill’s family and servants. Mr. Cooke excused his sister, Mrs. Harrison, saying as all would be strangers to her, she preferred calling on us when we were alone. Mrs. Camm Garrett was prevented, also Susan Littlepage. I will name all who came: Hardin, Kit and Cornelia, Martha Ann, Johny Bev and Sutherland, Larkin, Mrs. Garrett and Lem, Camm, Lucy Roy and Johnny, Mr. Newill, Bill Dandridge, Mr. Warner Edwards, Mr. Cooke.1Susan Littlepage is Col. Hardin’s wife, the former Susan Pemberton Robins. “Kit and Cornelia” are Col. Hardin’s daughter Cornelia and her husband Robert Christopher (Kit) Hill. Martha Ann is the late Edmund Littlepage’s widow. “Johny(,) Bev and Sutherland” are her sons: John Lewis Littlepage, 32, Beverly Arnott Littlepage, 26, and Sutherland Gregory (Suddie) Littlepage, 20. “Larkin, Mrs. Garrett and Lem” are Larkin Garrett, his wife Harriett Coleman [Edwards] Garrett, and their son Lemuel Camm Garrett, about 8. Larkin’s brother Camm has brought his two eldest children, John Wiley Garrett, 13, and Lucy Roy Garrett, who just turned 10. Mr. Newill (Newell?) and Mr. Bill Dandridge have not been identified. Warner Edwards and Mr. Cooke are neighbors who frequent Woodbury, and Caroline’s journals. All remained till after supper, enjoyed themselves very much till about eleven o’clk. and all except Mag and Stuart left. – – Liv went over just about dinner time and killed two fine wild geese. Came in as we were finishing dinner.