Wednesday, 2nd January, 1867

One of the most gloomy days. A general sleet and drizzly rain all day. I went down early to give Hardie breakfast and fix up a snack for him to go turkey hunting. Patsy’s still housed, complaining of being sick for ten days. Jim speaks of moving his family off. Washington’s gone, Dandridge expects to move his family in a short time, and I suppose will leave us the boy to hold. Jim brought a load of wood today. The weather was almost too bad to do that much, but needs must, when necessity drives. – – Hardie killed a good many birds today. It has snowed again upon the sleet, making it very deep and shocking under foot. – – I’ve been assisting Nan about her cloak. – – Pigeo stopped working long enough to clean Hardie’s coat to put on new buttons sent him by Liv from Richmond.1These new buttons were necessary because the coat had probably been part of Hardie‚Äôs Confederate Navy uniform. Wearing Confederate insignia in occupied Richmond was looking for trouble. – – Patsy came out and cooked breakfast this morning.