Monday, 14th January, 1867

Just such a day as yesterday, only a little worse. Snowing when I awoke, but soon turned to rain and rained hard all day. I think, Bill is shucking some corn. Nan went down and had a nice dinner on her own. Fixed a nicely fried steak and other things, all apropos. The boys came in just in proper time. I think Hardie is making new runners for their sleigh. I finished off a pair of stockings for Nan, knit Pigeo a pair before Xmas. Intend knitting Mollie a pair after I finish the pair I have on hand for Nannie. Made a coarse bib apron on purpose for Pigeo and Nan to cook in. Don’t know what turn the former will have for it. I think Nan has a right good idea. The first principle I wish them to learn is neatness in the dining room; the next, dispatch. Season everything to the taste and serve while hot. Every member of the family have to make themselves useful now. Even little Mollie passes the cups around the table and begins to know which side to go. Hardie killed three partridges.