Friday, 18th January, 1867

The weather still intensely cold. Ju came about ten and staid till after dinner. Gave him some nice hot coffee and warm loaf bread, which had not sufficiently risen for breakfast. He went with Bill to the smokehouse to examine the pork. As so many persons have found theirs injured, we feared ours might be also. They were somewhat under the impression that it was, upon examination, but I thought otherwise. Any how, to satisfy them, I made Tom boil ½ a large shoulder in the kitchen and found it perfectly sound. Bill took Pigeo to Enfield in the buggy. They intend to spend a day or two with Mrs. Harrison in the absence of her brother. Bill has been busy today fixing a sleigh to go to Duval’s Mill tomorrow, as the river is frozen and we can’t get to Walkerton Mill, where we have a standing turn.1DuVal’s Mill, owned by the enterprising Dr. Phil DuVal, is mentioned in Rose’s Journal and appears on the 1853 KW Land Tax Rolls as “Mill on Mattiponi.” While it does not appear on the Gilmer map, it would remain DuVal’s Mill until about 1874 when James I. Littlepage, one of Col. Edmund’s sons, would purchase it. Today it is in the center of Sandy Point State Forest, at the end of 641. Pigeo and Nan, with little Mollie, went to call on Mrs. Harrison this evening. Found Mrs. Norment and Miss Cary there.2We will learn that Miss Cary is a teacher employed by the Norment’s at White Bank. Unfortunately, we will not learn her given name or anything about her. She made Pigeo promise to go over tomorrow evening and spend the night with her, as she will be alone. I repaired and did up a Va. skirt for Nan while they were gone. I was particular to do so because Bake wove it. It has been so very cold the last two nights and wood scarce, that I have taken the children in the chamber with me to sleep. Bill shelled corn tonight after going for the mail.