Saturday, 19th January, 1867

Still intensely cold. The whole face of the earth covered with snow and sleet and no thaw. Bill started early in the sleigh with corn to the mill, drove two mules. Returned about 4 o’clk. and no meal. Said he has the promise of having it brought to the C. H. on Monday. He hitched Fannie to the buggy and took Pigeo over to Enfield to spend the night with Mrs. Harrison in the absence of her brother. He returned to supper. He bought some excellent cheese as he returned from the Mill at the C. H. Tom brought two loads wood this evening, the first time he ever drove oxen. I was pleased to see it. Did it of his own accord. He is very slow, but more to be depended on than Addison was. – – Nan and I gave the house a pretty general sweeping this evening. Found the perspiration standing on my face when I finished, although so cold. It has clouded up tonight and I would not be surprised if it snows again in less than 24 hours. – – Nannie has done first rate in the cooking stove this week, her first attempt. Hope Pigeo may succeed as well next week. If she does, I shall feel quite proud, and not so dependent upon the “Ethiopian race.” Blind John appears more cheerful and pleasant since it has developed upon the “Pale face,” as the Indians call us, to provide his meals and take them to him altogether.