Thursday, 31st January, 1867

The weather has commenced to moderate somewhat. A considerable thaw is taking place this evening on the surface, i.e. the snow is melting and the water standing in puddles upon the frozen earth. Bill rode Fannie to the C. H. Court still in session. I sent by him for a hoop skirt and Balmoral for Nan, i.e. I wished to look at one of Mr. Slaughter’s before Bill goes to Richmond. He brought a hoop skirt and the only two Balmorals he had. I liked them very much and gave Nan one of each. She is getting ready for school. We concluded to take all. Bill had one charged to himself and presented it to me, but it was so gay I thought it would suit Pigeo better and she and I traded. She and Hardie called at Miss Cary’s this afternoon, returned to supper. Tom sick today.