Saturday, 2nd February, 1867

A fine spring day, very little snow in sight. Bill, Hardie and Tom are hanging the rest of the pork up. They hung 50 hams the other day. Made a fire place for chip, and Hardie with Tom to help him, made the little wagon he promised to make me. Came on to rain where they were only and they got wet. Loaned Mrs. George our oxcart for Jim to bring her a load of shuck from Enfield. – – Gave Herman and him dinner. They have cut a little wood this evening. I washed a balmoral this morning and knit the toe of a stocking for Nan, then went about repairing some chemise for the children. Bill had a little corn gotten out this evening. Intends carrying some to Richmond Tuesday if nothing prevents. Had a nice parcel of vegetables gotten out of the ground by Tom. We got dinner in the kitchen. We all retired early tonight.