Thursday, 7th February, 1867

Another lovely day. Patsy came to wash and Rose to clean the passage and dining room floors. Agreed to give her $.25. I had Fannie ordered to be saddled for Pigeo to ride to see her Aunt Martha, who has been sick several days. Finding it impracticable for her to leave. Mr. Cooke came in with his buggy just at the time to bring her some letters and offered to take her around in his buggy. Sent her some loaf bread. They returned ½ past 10 o’clk., found her better. Hardie and Mr. Cooke made an agreement to shoot geese tonight, and came over while we were at supper. They went after an hour or so, but killed nothing. Mr. Cooke went home 10 o’clk. Bill returned from Richmond while they were out. Had some coffee kept hot for them and sent another supper in the parlor. They all remained there together several hours. Bill brought 4 Negro men from Richmond, “laborers,” brought pair shoes for the children from Liv, paid him $7 for them. Gave Nan two pair and Pigeo one. Will try and sell the pair or change them. Received a letter from Mary and one from Rose, and some things for Mollie and Pigeo, one from Liv, and a lamp purchased by her for $.50. Sold my ten chickens for $.75 a pair. Paid Dr. Power $20 in full of all demands, $1 for a pair of scissors and $.20 for thimbles, shoes for himself and Tom $2.50 each. Other things not enumerated. – – The four men slept in the kitchen, so Patsy and Rose slept in my chamber. It was after 10 o’clk. when I retired. Pigeo and Nan retired early. I left the boys sitting in the parlor with Mr. Cooke.