Saturday, 9th February, 1867

Another rainy day, but stopped a few hours about 12 o’clk., and Mr. Cooke and Mrs. Harrison and her three little girls came and spent several hours. He took Edmonia up in the buggy to see the Dr. to get his advice about shaving her head on acct. of tetter.1A noun used principally in the South, tetter is any of various vesicular skin diseases (as ringworm, eczema, and herpes). It is from Middle English, teter. Gold Bond Medicated Powder has been sold with the promise that it relieves tetter. Had a nice snack for them and insisted on them remaining to dinner, but they left after 3 o’clk. At the same time, Mr. Williams, Johny and Lucie Garrett drove up to spend the evening.2Johny and Lucie are children of Camm Garrett. Robert L. Williams, 32, is listed in the 1870 US Census as living in an Acquinton District, occupation: teacher. He may be boarding with fellow teacher Camm. It rained too hard for the latter to return, so she spent the night with Mollie. Nan has been busy about fixing for school. Ironed some things I starched yesterday. – – Bill furnished Jim and Herman Hill pork for cutting wood.3 Herman finally has a last name. However, attempts to place him in historical records have not bee successful. This gloomy weather makes me feel melancholy. – – After taking a nap last night at twilight several hours, I arose and wrote several letters, one to Mr. Goss and one to Mary. – – Rose cooked breakfast this morning and dinner yesterday and today. She started away with Patsy, but turned back on acct. of rain. She is a good natured creature and but for her distorted features from a burn would do right well, i.e., I mean to say would be better than nobody. Tom is about the same, no worse _?_ he was.4Water damage has made Caroline’s words here difficult to render.