Sunday, 10th February, 1867

Windy and cold, a severe change since yesterday, every thing freezing. Hardie and Nan went in the buggy to Zion, returned to Ju’s to dinner. Bill went to Jerusalem and all returned to supper. He took dinner at Mount Hope. Pigeo and I remained at home, both a little indisposed, she from cold and I with headache. She commenced reading “Popular Christianity, or The Christianity of the Bible” by Dr. Edwards, and while I took a nap she answered Sadie’s letter received yesterday by Mr. Cooke.1While there seems to be no known copy of this work, my understanding of Dr. Edwards suggests the title poses a choice for the reader, not the inference that popular Christianity reflects the Bible.– – Bill gave the four new allowance this morning and they moved out of the kitchen to Patsy’s house.