Tuesday, 19th February, 1867

A beautiful day for gardening. Had some rows chopped by Tom for peas and onions. Had it manured with ashes and hen house manure mixed. Sowed two rows peas this evening. – – Bill went to Walkerton Mill before dinner, has returned to dinner. Killed four ducks. Tom picked them after he came out of the garden. – – John’s been more infirm for several weeks than usual, very little help to himself. His existence is almost miraculous. He is such a cripple, though he is quiet most of the time, unless he is suffering severely with pains in his limbs, as he frequently does. I think there ought to be something appropriated for the support and comfort by the good and philanthropic Yankees, who have gone to such lengths for the race, or in other words, have pretended to do so much. – – Pigeo assisted me in baking some 1, 2, 3, 4 cakes this evening, toasting ground peas, &c.1The classic. – – John shelled the peas for me to sow (Tom Thumb). They grow very low and in bunches, will not need sticking, which makes them very desirable in these difficult times to procure labor. – – Commenced a letter to Hardie this morning. Miss Cary, in company with Mr. Cooke, spent the evening.