Sunday, 24th February, 1867

Rather an inclement morning. As we have had so many bad Sundays, I determined to run the risk of getting a sprinkle, and Pigeo and I got in the buggy. In the meantime, Pigeo received from Mr. Cooke a note expressing a wish to take her to Church in his buggy. She returned him an answer consenting to accompany him, so I took Mollie in the buggy with me & Alfred on a mule. All returned to dinner. Bill remained in charge of the house, having received a severe cut on his hand yesterday with the cutting knife, which is doing very well with his own treatment. Merely closed it up & pressed it together till it adhered, otherwise would have had a physician. Tom cooked dinner today. Mr. Cooke remained till 8 o’clk. – – Dr. Edwards proposed to have a reorganization of our Church next Sun.