Tuesday, 26th February, 1867

The weather still inclement, but cleared up about ten o’clk. Mr. Cooke came to see Bill on some business. All left for the C. H. about eleven o’clk. Gave Will a bag of cakes and ground peas for his little son “John Thomas.” 1Nephew John Thomas Ellett was likely named for minister Dr. John Thomas, spiritual head of the religious group at Zion who will become known as Christadelphians. John is about 9. Tom finished the operation for dripping lye and carried the leached ash into the garden and put it on the manure pile. – – A butcher came to buy cattle. Offered $50 for a large ox and a cow. I begged to be excused, consenting would be too great a sacrifice. – – Mr. Cooke came this evening. Staid till 10 o’clk. Bill returned from the C. H. at nine. Purchasing a horse of Mr. Slaughter for $125. Too much I think for an old horse. I’ll think about it. – – Hauled two stacks fodder today, too wet to plough.