Thursday, 28th February, 1867

Fine weather. Patsy left after taking her breakfast. Let her have 4½ lbs. bacon. – – Ju came down this morning and staid till after dinner, wishes to get 8 bushels of our wheat. Will carry 5 bushels to Mill for me when he carries his. Had several squares ploughed in the garden by Henry with Fannie and George to a double plough. – – Bill walked out with Ju when he left and returned at dark. – – Tom came to the door to inform us the fowls were making a great noise in the hen house. We all went out immediately and found one killed and another crippled, one killed last night. I have had bad luck with my fowls this winter. Expected to sell about 50 and have only sold 16, and lost all my turkeys. Better luck next time I hope.