Tuesday, 5th March, 1867

It has rained every day since Friday, and the last two days mixed with hail. O! the weather is choking! But for having some corn to shuck, Bill would have no employment for the hired men, although their expenses are so heavy. Tom cooks as a regular thing. I cook occasionally. Cut out a pair of Va. Cloth pants for Bill this evening while he rode George to the C. H. for the mail, a letter from Hardie to me and one to himself. (This evening, instead of yesterday, as I wrote on the other side.) He returned at nine through the rain and turned George out to find the stable himself, but he preferred the wheat patch and took out to it, where he remained all night. Bill discovered a young calf when he went to feed George, lying in a hole of water, and took it up and put some straw and laid it on. The rain is coming down so fast I would not be surprised to find it dead in the morning. РРMr. Parr sent $2.50 in postage stamps for the little barrel returned.1This may refer to the barrel of oranges Caroline mentioned on 15 November. Caroline mentioned Israel M. Parr & Sons of Baltimore on 2 August last year.