Wednesday, 6th March, 1867

It has rained and rained incessantly all day. The ground has been covered with sleet and snow, and to our surprise found the little calf alive and had it brought in the kitchen today. It showed signs of life and I believe it will live. Bill put it with the cow about 10 o’clk. in the carriage house. Mr. Cooke came over this evening with his wagon and returned the machine he borrowed some time ago. The rain increased during the evening and night so that he had to remain all night. Bill walked to the C. H. after dinner on business and returned through the rain to supper. – – I have suffered with neuralgia all day. – – Bill borrowed a paper from Ju with The President’s messages. Some alarming Bills have passed the two houses.1 Four days earlier the US Congress passed, over President Johnson’s veto, the “Act to Provide for the More Efficient Government of the Rebel States,” a.k.a. the First Reconstruction Act. It divided much of the former Confederacy into five military districts. Virginia was to be the only state in the First Military District. The first US Army officer with the responsibility to oversee Virginia’s government to protect citizen rights, and to steer the state into meeting Congress’s requirements for restoring it fully to the Union, was Major General John M. Schofield.