Saturday, 23rd March, 1867

Found the ground well covered in snow this morning and pouring down rain, and before 2 o’clk. the rain had washed off all the snow. It has rained incessantly just as fast as it could pour down all day. Couldn’t go out to attend to anything scarcely. Did go as far as the hen house to feed my little chickens, eleven in number, and came by the smoke house and emptied two or three bags flour. Filled one barrel of fine flour and another of coarse. – – Bill has been at the barn with Wilkerson shucking corn most of the day, and seeing if there was any possible way to relieve the stock stable and lot and hog pen from what Bill says is nearly knee deep in water. He is afraid of their losing their hoofs from standing so long in water. Bill made a pair of bows for an ox yoke in the kitchen. He begins to lose his patience somewhat. – – Pigeo and I have been about little things. She complains of headache today, but I think she has the blues, this weather is enough to give it. She and I take alternately at the cooking stove. Bill thinks he would like to help too, but we think he has just as much to do as he can do justice by elsewhere, and only want him to make the necessary preparation for it, such as having wood and water in place. He is becoming right much of an epicure of late, and always wants something good.