Sunday, 31st March, 1867

A pretty day. Had an early breakfast, got ready for Church. Bill remained at home. I went with Mollie in the buggy in order to bring Pigeo back. Wilkerson rode a mule. Went by Ju’s for her, but Mr. R. Pollard has taken her to Zion in his buggy. We both returned there to dinner. I left Mollie with Stuart, who I found quite sick, to remain a day or two, i.e., Ju said he would send a servant with her home tomorrow, as he wished to exchange a fowl. – – When we arrived home, was sorry to find Bill suffering from the affects of a chill. Pigeo complained of headache. I was indisposed, so none of us wanted supper and all retired early. Pigeo slept with me. Dr. Edwards was very interesting today and a large audience, read the resolutions of the Church to be signed by the members, a reorganization of that body that will meet for that purpose next Saturday and with fasting and prayers elect officers to Church business.